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The central air conditioning terminal units

Fan coil air-conditioning unit with cabinet


“Eurasian"brand fan coil air conditioning unit with cabinet is made up by by the filters, high efficiency heat exchanger, low noise fan, framework and panels, are the main terminal equipment of central air conditioning system,mainly used in air purification, temperature and humidity control, is widely used in hotels, theaters, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and various other occasions,also can meet needs of many industries air-conditioning configuration such as the electronics, chemical fiber, textile, tobacco, pharmaceutical, medical, food, light industry .
Product details

G series air conditioning unit is manufactured aimed at reducing noise and saving energy,bring together 

the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, reasonable structure,beautiful appearance,

快三网上投注 superior perfomance,reliable quality,easy to tear open outfit,with long life,is advanced level air conditioning

 at home and abroad.

快三网上投注 Vertical series units generally applies to the ground installation, ceiling series pump units are used for hanging

 installation, can be hidden in the ceiling, horizontal series unit can be installed on floor or ceiling according to

 the need.

The water side pressure can reach 1.6 MPA.

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