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The central air conditioning terminal units

Constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning


“Eurasian” constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning is special air-conditioning which has the strict request for temperature, humidity and cleanliness. Constant temperature and humidity air-condition function meet different users’s needs of the indoor climate environment temperature, humidity, cleanliness and freshness and other requirements, can be widely used in precision machinery, electronics, optical devices, surface treatment, medical and health, biological pharmacy, food manufacturing, fine chemical industry, all kinds of measurement and testing laboratory, etc. Our company can design and make non-standard,large constant temperature and humidity of clean air conditioning unit according to customers’s needs.
Product details

Product introduction:

The HS (J) series water cooling constant temperature and humidity (clean) type air conditioning unit is

 applicable to water abundant area which have installation conditions of cooling towers ;

HF (J) series air-cooled split type constant temperature and humidity (clean) the air conditioning unit is

 suitable for area which is lack of water or not suitable for installing of water cooling towers.

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