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Air cooling air source heat pump units

Screw type water(ground) source heat pump units


Screw type water(ground) source heat pump units is the new energy-saving and environmental protection products,According to the characteristics that different areas have different demands ,transform inexhaustible low-level energy underground into available high-level energy for cooling in summer and winter heating.Part of heat can also be use or supplying hot water for production and living.Not only save energy, but also reduce the investment of the equipment.Shell and tube heat exchanger, made of special material, not easy for scaling and in high thermal efficiency. The unique structure, high quality materials, special manufacturing process of the condenser make the whole machine has strong stability, and high energy efficiency ratio,which provide a reliable guarantee of low running costs; High efficiency and energy saving: free extraction underground energy, and cooling/heating effect is not influenced by environmental temperature, energy saving 30-50%. Safe and reliable,with long life, full computer control, no need the special guard, host life is more than 25 years, is double of a traditional air conditioning. We have mature engineering installation technology ,accumulated a considerable number of technical data in the extraction of groundwater or directly buried the pipeline in underground constant temperature layer.
Product details

Products features:

1。High Efficiency

The units are installed with screw type compressors, suitable condensers, evaporators and expansion valve. 

After our calculation, the above components will work together at high efficiency.

The units can be equipped with heat recovery tube. For low temperature case, the recyclable heat account

 for 30% -80%of total refrigeration capacity。 The hot water temperature can reach 70 degrees。

Whole units efficiency can be increased by 5% when we start heat recycling.

2。Running Stable

The unit has 7 safety components to ensure the normal operation of the units.

Unit is double circuit and double compressor design, when one compressor has problems, the other 

compressor will keep working properly.

To ensure the machine performance in line with national standards, all the units passed the test of national 

快三网上投注 security detection system before delivery the products。

3。Intelligent management

快三网上投注The unit can be controlled by single chip microcomputer or PLC control, to meet the different requirements 

of customers。

Visual touch panel screen control system can provide very simple and most considerate operation interface, 

timely feedback for various of maintenance information.

快三网上投注The control system can be connected with the end users’ control system, then customers will monitor the 

unit status and get working report at any time.

4。 Easy installation and maintenance

The units are filled with refrigerant and lubricant before delivery, customers only need to connect the inlet

 pipe, outlet pipe and power to run.

The control interface directly display the fault contents, it’s much easier for customers to understand and sort

 out any problems.

5. Many kinds of refrigerant meet customers’ different requirements. 

According to customers’ request ,various of refrigerant, like R22.R407CR134a。will beavailable for 

customer’s options.

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