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Add:Block K,Xinzhuang lndustrial Park,No.84 Tianyuan Road,Yonghe Street,Luogang District,Guangzhou,PRC
Hotline: 4008-300187
T e l: (020) 82441225
F a x: (020) 82441215

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Bnsiness inotiation message

Our company invites agents sincerely, look forward to your joining.

In order to further expand the market, Eurasian(Guangzhou) freezing equipment Co。, LTD invited agent across the country in line with the principle of mutual benefit, honest and trustworthy, long term cooperation 。Under the premise of protecting market, to maximize the common interests!

快三网上投注 Eurasian(Guangzhou) freezing equipment Co。, LTD is a refrigeration equipment manufacturers and service providers which includes product development, design, manufacturing and professional matching system,"Europe" company introduces German technology and has many branches throughout the country, involving the refrigerating air conditioning, industrial cooling, frozen storage, purification, energy management, engineering services, and other fields。The main production of  “Eurasian "are industrial chiller, screw chiller, aircooled/water cooled chillers, low temperature units, aircooled chiller (heat pump) units, flooded type units, water/ground source heat pump units, modular units, terminal equipment, and other series products。

快三网上投注 In short,we believe that"the quality is the pride of enterprise",and after establishing co-operation with us,we will make full effort to meet all your requirements.

Potential partners please contact with our company, our team is looking forward to your joining!

快三网上投注 Merchants contacts: Manager Wu

The national hotline:400-8300187turn818

Service hot line: 020-82441225 turn 818/13316273995


Add:Block K,Xinzhuang lndustrial Park,No.84 Tianyuan Road,Yonghe Street,Luogang District,Guangzhou,PRC

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