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Guangdong Eurasian Refrigeration Equipment Co。, Ltd is located in one of the best national area in China ---- Guangzhou economic and technological development zone。 Our company provides two series of products, for air conditioning and refrigeration purpose, we manufacture the industrial chiller, air-cooled/water-cooled chiller, low temperature chiller, air-cooled (heat pump) machine, with or without cabinet options, water and land source heat pump unit, module unit, and terminal devices。 Our products are widely used in commercial building ,hotels, entertainment venues, also comprehensively applied in many industrial fields such as food, beer, drink, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, solar photovoltaic, electron, tobacco, food package, plastics, chemical engineering, Auto industry etc。

We can provide refrigeration equipment as well as engineering services to our customers。 For any inquiry of air conditioning diagrams, cooling storage design, and on site support for your system will be also part of our business。  

We also take care of the after-sales services, we provide warranty and spare parts for maintenance after you buy our machines。

Based on high tech and standard operation, we established our research and development center. Now, our products passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and got National Industrial Production Permit, moreover, we acquired a number of patents and industry honors.

Our products are in use of German technology, and installed with Japanese spare parts, to guarantee our products quality, we also have big number of professional engineers working in our factory.

In short, we believe that “the quality is the pride of enterprise”, and after establishing co-operation with us, we will make full effort to meet all your requirements。

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