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Eurasian (explosion-proof type)chiller entered Lizhu Group

Published time:2014-09-29 10:30:00 [ Reading times:1708 ] Copyfrom:

A few days ago,the explosion-proof type water-cooled screw chiller was brought and put to use by Lizhu Group Ningxia New North River pharmaceutical Ltd。,this chiller was developed and desighed on the baiss of standard chiller by Eurasian refreezing equipment Co。,ltd,can meet the demands of some special production environments。

Chemical production areas usually require explosive-proof grade, "Eurasian refrigeration" explosion-proof series explosive-proof grade product certificate, Exd Ⅳ grade electric control cabinet, pump, cables, etc. All parts are used explosion-proof products. Gensets adopt intelligent control mode, imported microcomputer control system, the whole monitoring of running status and function of safety protection, and through the 7 inch LCD true color screen display, automatic recording downtime and the cause of the problem, once the equipment malfunction, automatic warning buzzer alarm, ensure the safety of production.
Eurasian refrigeration "focus on new tendency of the refrigeration industry, the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced production technology, has a professional r&d team, consisting of professional technical personnel to organize production, product quality excellence, dedication to customer service, welcome new and old customers to inquire.


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