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“The national agency conference of Guangzhou Eurasian freezing ”achieved complete success

Published time:2014-07-25 08:51:11 [ Reading times:1245 ] Copyfrom:

On December 7, 2013,the national agency conference of Eurasian (Guangzhou)freezing equipment Co.,ltd hold in Country Garden Phoenix Hotel,Zengcheng district ,Guangzhou.

After a series of preparation before the meeting,under the co-operation of company staff and active participation of all agents,the meet hold very successfully。

This meeting spot was very warm and inspiring,agents deeply understood the development of Guangzhou Eurasian,facing the constantly growing and expanding of “Eurasian freezing”brand products,all agents increased faith in development in the future. They also firmed the the faith for  developing commonly with “Eurasian freezing”,create greater glories on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win.

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