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The industry news

Hebei langfang became the nations largest absorption heat pump research and development base.

Published time:2013-06-09 16:55:59 [ Reading times:1513 ] Copyfrom:

Recently, the phase II of Tongfang kawasaki “National Absorption Heat Pump Industrialization Demonstration Project” which located in Hebei langfang development zone was complete,the first phase and the phase II of the project can implemented with an annual output of 1650 megawatts of absorption heat pump, output value nearly 400 million yuan, became the largest domestic absorption heat pump research and development base。

Tongfang kawasaki energy saving equipment co., LTD., was founded in 2005 on May 16,it’s a large high-tech manufacturing enterprises which is joint -ventured founded by Tsinghua tongfang artificial environment co., LTD and Sichuan heavy cold and hot industrial co., LTD. 7                        

founded in 2005 on May 16, is made by tsinghua tongfang artificial environment and Japan's kawasaki heavy industries group co., LTD of sichuan heavy cold hot industry corporation joint venture founded by large high-tech manufacturing enterprises.

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