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The industry news

2013 the second annual Asia-Pacific Ozone official network joint meeting successfully hold.

Published time:2013-09-18 16:50:38 [ Reading times:1438 ] Copyfrom:

Pacific  Ozone official network joint meeting held in Ningxia of China. The meeting lasting 4 days,more then 70 officials,developed countries representative and specialists come from different countries attends the meeting.

Air conditioning refrigeration market experts said,this meeting is routine meeting sponsored by the United Nations environment programme (UNEP) Asia-Pacific ozone office,held twice a year and every intra-regional country take turns to undertake,The meeting was held in China for the fourth time,The meeting undertook by the environmental protection foreign cooperation center,the Ningxia Environmental Protection Bureau is co-organizer。Many domestic representatives of the relevant department attend this meeting。

The environmental protection foreign cooperation center vice director-- Chen Liang made speech in the opening ceremony,he reviewed the China ozone layer protection work achievements since signed the <<Montreal Protocol>>,Stressed that China further strengthened the implement of <regulations on the administration of ozone depleting substances>. He introduced important guiding ideology of China environmental protection work-----“Developing in the protection, protecting in the development" ,Chinese actions and plans in strengthening the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection work. He said,International ozone layer protection, establishment of the "health of atmospheric environment, we are looking forward to the future" theme

The theme of“Healthy atmosphere environment,the future that we hope”,which entrenched  by International Ozone Layer Protection Day,

is echoes ten action plan for the control of air pollution in our country.

At the opening ceremony,The executive secretariat of United Nations ozone--Mark Gonzalez,The multilateral fund secretariat secretary-general---Maria Nolan,The United Nations environment programme (unep) Asia Pacific ozone action office coordinator---Atul Bage and Ning Xia Environmental protection bureau inspector Lu Guohui respectively delivered a speech.

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