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The industry news

R22 will shut down step by step, demand for domestic environmental protection refrigerants is increased.

Published time:2013-09-18 16:49:08 [ Reading times:1401 ] Copyfrom:

Huicong Air conditioning refrigeration network     Recently,Ministry of Environmental Protection published management inform for producing and using of chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) products,this symbolized our country officially start to reduce the use of HCFCS according to <<Montreal Protocol>>stipulation.

It’s understood that according to the treaty of Montreal,our country starts to reduce the use of HCFCs from 2013 year,The production and use of this year freeze in the average level of 2009 year and 2010 year,in 2015 year will reduce 10% of average level,in 2030 year realize the completely elimination except to the maintenance and special purpose。

According to the Ministry of Environment Protection’s notice,adopt quota management of HCFCs’s produce and use.In future,R22 which without quotas and without complete set of downstream device will gradually shutting down, HCFCs capacity including R22 will shrink, it can increase the demand of the domestic environmental protection refrigerants.Air conditioning refrigeration market experts said, in addition to the R22, R141b will also be eliminated, environmentally friendly R134a except for automotive air conditioning refrigerating, also can become alternative foaming agent to R141b ,with rising car ownership , R134a’downturn demand will be improved.

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