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Corporate news

Sincere congratulations to “EURASIAN COMPANY”for winning the “2013 annual top ten central air-conditioning competitivene

View more》2013-12-04

Hi-tech enterprise confirmation project of “Guangzhou Eurasian”officially started.

On December 3,2013,Hi-tech enterprise confirmation project of “GuangzhouEurasian”officially started。High-tech enterprise refers to constantly research ,develo。。。

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Sincere congratulations to our company won the "adopting international standard product approval certificate of Gua

                            Adoptinginternational standard product approval certificateThrough strict testing and inspection,...

View more》2013-10-18

Sincere congratulation to our company winning the bid for Shenzhen chengguang dairy Co.,LTD - milk cooling project

View more》2013-10-16

Our company invites agents sincerely, look forward to your joining.

In order to further expand the market, Eurasian(Guangzhou)freezing equipment Co., LTD invited agent across the country in line with theprinciple of mutual benef...

View more》2013-08-13

Our company successfully attended the “China’s annual beer meeting of 2013 year”

快三网上投注The 2013-7-20 9:53:40 source:Eurasian  publisher:Eurasian refrigerationLeaders of Eurasian (Guangzhou)freezing Equipment Co.,LTD braved the hot temperature, ar...

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Congratulations to "Eurasian" successfully got“ISO9001 Certification”

Through joint efforts of Eurasian (Guangzhou)freezing Equipment Co.,LTD,passed the authentication center experts’s comprehensive, rigid,careful guidance and au...

View more》2013-07-17

Congratulations to our company officially joined the China Beverage Industry Association.

The 2013-5-23 10:06:03      Source: Eurasian    Publisher: EurasianIn May 2013,our company formally joined the China Beverage Industry Association, China b。。。

View more》2013-05-23

Eurasian (Guangzhou)freezing Equipment Co.,LTD formed a strategic alliance with XinZiJi Co.,LTD

快三网上投注Eurasian (Guangzhou)freezing Equipment Co。,LTD formed a strategic alliance with XinZiJi Co。,LTDHunan XinZiJi heat transfer technology Co。,LTD is the Standing Co。。。

View more》2013-05-20

Congratulations to our company officially joined the refrigeration institute of Guangdong province

Eurasian(Guangzhou) freezing equipment Co., LTD is a refrigeration equipment manufacturers and service providers which includes product development, design, man...

View more》2013-05-03
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